If you have a piece of writing that you feel fits with Rachel’s mission, please get in touch below.

The aim of blogs on Rachel Kelly’s website is to help others with aspects of their mental health through sharing experiences, strength and hope.

1. Essential:

  • Blogs should be based on your personal journey and experience and be written in the first person.

2. Format: 

  • Word document.

  • Brief bio of two or three lines about you, your professional background and why you are writing the blog. Four or five lines long in total.

  • A photo of you at the beginning of the Word document. Please paste the photo into the Word document.

  • Blog to be approx. 700 words – no longer.

3. Content:

  • Personal experience to begin the blog – the first 250 words.

  • Longer section on how you, the writer, helped yourself – approx. the next 450 words. Which strategies did you use to become calm and well? What helped? Why? Add in any studies to support your personal experience.

  • Paragraphs short and punchy.

  • Links to your social media and website or book if applicable at the end.

Blogs will be shared on Rachel Kelly’s social media to her wellbeing focused following. Rachel works closely and is an ambassador for mental health charities SANE, Rethink and The Counselling Foundation who sometimes share the blogs more widely.