In her early thirties, Rachel was diagnosed with severe depression after suffering two major depressive episodes. These two episodes have become the defining events of her life. Since then, she has written about the condition and her recovery in books that have been read by tens of thousands of people. 

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Her memoir about her experience of life-threatening depression Black Rainbow: How words healed me: my journey through depression was a Sunday Times bestseller in 2014 and has resonated ever since. In 2020 it will be published by Larousse in France and has already been translated into Swedish and published in the USA and Canada. She has also written about the holistic approach which helped her recover - her second book, Walking on Sunshine: 52 Small Steps to Happiness is an international bestseller and has been published in Canada, Croatia, Germany, Poland, Turkey, the USA, Korea and China. In 2017, she co-wrote The Happy Kitchen: Good Mood Food with the nutritionist Alice Mackintosh, a happiness-focused cookbook which offers over sixty recipes that promote mental wellbeing, it has been published in the USA and Canada. Her latest publication is titled Singing in the Rain: An inspirational workbook – 52 Practical Steps to Happiness published by Short Books in January 2019.

Since recovering from depression, Rachel speaks publicly about her experience to help educate others and break down the stigma around mental health. She writes regularly for national press, gives television and radio interviews, and runs workshops for mental health organisations, companies and universities. She is an official ambassador for mental health charities Rethink Mental Illness, SANE and The Counselling Foundation.